When I was about 8, I found my dad's childhood stuff collection in the attic. Papa Farce was a Navy Brat, and spent some time living in Bermuda. A book in all his things featured the British classic children's character Rupert the Bear. The book? Rupert Goes to Coon Island, complete with pickaninny depictions of… » 9/02/14 10:27am Today 10:27am

I try to remember that she is still young and was indeed raised with privilege and wealth. Generally, I think she's still learning and learning from her mistakes (which she often acknowledges), so it's a process. It's the Dunhamming of White Feminism; I think she'll make it to true itersectional feminism eventually,… » 9/02/14 10:21am Today 10:21am

I tend to use a mixture of hair serum to keep down frizz and a sculpting balm with hold. The combination keeps my hair looking like it's meant to be how it is (and not cemented in place) and provides reliable shaping. It took me a while to find ones that work for me, but I like redken and organix. » 8/29/14 1:28pm Friday 1:28pm

I'm of a mind that if you're dumb enough to whine on social media and tag the object of your ire, then they had every right to say, "Gonna be a problem parent. NOOOOOOPE." It's not like her gripes were reasonable, she was just generally whiny. Without a doubt, parents should advocate for their kids, but just bitching… » 8/29/14 1:23pm Friday 1:23pm

Photographic evidence from the Carter administration proves that this is not, in fact, the ugliest suit a President has ever donned. Granted, his era was defined by horrible collars, but that shade of blue? Seriously, Jimmy? » 8/29/14 11:39am Friday 11:39am